Today is World Suicide Prevention day.

It is likely that many people will post advice and tips for those who are struggling with their mental health, and for their friends to offer their support.

– Listen, don’t hear.

Speak out, even if every part of your body is saying not to.

– Take care of both your body and your mind, otherwise you can’t be well.

But today we wanted to also pay our respects to those who have died of suicide, because the phrase “committed suicide” makes it sound like a crime. Although efforts are being made, clearly it is not enough. The truth is, mental health systems in Malta are currently overwhelmed with clients, and not enough resources are being put forward to support organisations and entities who work hard towards this cause.

We plan on continuing our work of raising awareness about the importance of mental well-being, as will many other entities who work day in and day out, sometimes on a voluntary basis, but as we’ve stated, this is clearly not enough. We as a society cannot safeguard the mental well-being of individuals when there is not enough support for people working in this area. The responsibility of caring for another individual’s mental health should not be put on their friends, when there are people who have studied years and dedicated their lives towards it. Yes, friends should be supportive, but they should not bare the amount of responsibility that is currently being put on them to keep someone alive.

Finally, dear loved ones whom we’ve lost, we’re sorry for letting you down and we will keep trying ❤ .

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