Our Upcoming Events

Open Call for Poetry
Are you an aspiring poet with a passion for change?✨
Betapsi is looking for a poem or two to be read during our upcoming performance at Science in the City. The poem should be an original piece written by you on the theme of Changemakers, which is the theme of the festival.
Send your submissions here: https://forms.gle/vvAkefXxK87ot1UZ6
N.B: Submission deadline is 31 August.
Open Call for Second Hand Books
Instead of letting your old psychology books gather dust, why not sell them to other psychology students? 💸
All you need to do is send us a DM or an email on [email protected] with the following information:
📖 Your name, email & phone number
For each book you would like to sell, please send us the:
📕 Book Title
📗 Author
📘 Edition
📙 Year of Publishing
📒 Condition of Book
📔 Asking Price
📑 Study unit the book was used for
📓 Other comments
We will input this information onto a spreadsheet which will be shared with our members list. These students will then contact you in order to buy the books from you!
Once you sell your books, please do let us know so that we will remove your details from the database