Betapsi would like to show solidarity with educator Mario Mallia who was fired from his headmaster position at a catholic school for introducing inclusive topics.

As as a psychology student organization, we fully support the steps Mallia took in making the school a more inclusive environment. He encouraged people to respect each other despite differences in religion, sexuality, gender, and so on, through a number of initiatives he introduced. One example of such initiatives was ‘MEET’, where individuals of different religions could come together and have discussions. This was unfortunately pulled by the school’s board.

Promoting inclusivity within schools is essential to reduce instances of bullying and poor mental health in the student population. No individual should be left to wonder whether they are deserving of respect for their differences. This is why we want to call out the hypocrisy of the situation, after all, the catholic values such a school would endorse align with the values Mallia was trying to teach, yet he was wrongfully fired for promoting such values.

We wish him well and hope his great initiatives have the opportunity to flourish elsewhere.