We are saddened and shattered to learn about what happened to Paulina Dembska.

The very thought that a murder has occurred is a definite reason for concern, let alone the alleged circumstances that led up to it.

As a psychology student organization, we also have a duty to comment on mental health. The main suspect, in this case, suffers from severe mental health issues which have in turn led to further police intervention being suspended. Not to mention the misinformed and ignorant comments being made about the incident.

All this goes to show great incompetence when it comes to proper care and intervention for those who need it. Severe mental health issues ignored and untaken care of places everyone at risk.

Just a couple of weeks ago, members of our society were encouraging a man to commit suicide. Yesterday, a woman was killed because someone’s mental health was not taken seriously. This proves to a great length how far behind we are as a society in truly making progress on the subject.

What Aquilina allegedly did is a result of a crassly disregarded mental illness, but in no way do we condone this man’s actions. These turn of events are also not representative of all those suffering from mental illness.

Paulina Dembska’s tragic and horrendous murder has shown us yet again that a lack of empathy and basic decency is high among the Maltese population, and that we are in desperate need for progress.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Paulina’s family and friends during this terrible time.

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